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Is this a good deal?


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I've got someone who told me they were willing to sell a 1998 Super Black Eagle, black synthetic in great shape, with an assortment of chokes for $550.


What are the concerns I need to be thinking about, as this gun is over 12 years old. I don't know much about them, is there anything in particular I should pay attention to while inspecting the gun?


Is this a decent deal? I appreciate any feedback!

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That is a great price if not too banged up. Like the other post a surecycle is not a bad choice. On my surecycle upgrades I throw out surecycle plunger and use the factory dampening plunger. The later model factory plunger had a built in shock absorber. This will take the battering effect away from the receiver. Good luck. Now all you need is a slug barrel for it. Let me know I have a perfect slug barrel.

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Thanks for all the replies - I ended up buying this gun and couldn't be happier. Turns out, it was purchased new in 2001 and is actually in pretty nice shape, a little discoloration on the top of the receiver, but not bad at all. 26" barrel.


It's used for sure, but the inside of the barrel looks brand new and the black stock has very few marks at all. Couple little marks on the barrel. Honestly, I think I'd rate this gun at an 8/10 cosmetically. Functionally perfect. Came with 5 different choke tubes as well.


The guy who sold it to me had changed out the rod in the stock to a stainless rod which makes it function more like a gas operated auto (forgive my ignorance, but most folks I've talked to who are familiar with these guns knew what I was talking about).


I put 3 boxes of 2 3/4" #8 low brass el cheapos from Wally World and it had no issues whatsoever cycling them through.


Based on my limited research I believe I got a pretty nice deal and am excited to bust some ducks next week - headed to get a turkey in the AM.


Again, thanks to all who responded!

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I'd be interested in knowing more about the barrel you mentioned - unfortunately I don't have enough posts to send you a PM.


Edit - turns out I don't even have enough posts to list an email address. Maybe you could PM me and shoot me your's.


Thanks again!

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