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  1. +1 with tucker301, i paid in full once for an HK pistol, never did get it, and it was a pain to get the funds back. Best wishes for a prompt delivery.... PS I have an SL in 20 and love it.
  2. thomjb

    M4's from Buds

    No tax paid for transfers in Indiana, but they really want an internet sales tax to be law, not yet anyway.....
  3. Got a spare from Benelli a year or so ago...wanted it in camo to match, they did not have one in camo but sent me a black one for FREE Great folks
  4. any decent gunsmith should be able to add a midbead for a small cost. Did this several times over the years.
  5. thomjb

    M4 Camo

    Did mine with a heat gun, no issues.
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1089[/ATTACH] Here is mine.
  7. Just put an Aimpoint H1 in a low Larue mount on mine, love it. No plans for a light yet
  8. ordered the snap ring pliers noted in the install info, Grainger has the Blackhawk model, and it was a 5 minute job. and yes the ring needs to be expanded to remove. No issues.
  9. Someone jump in as I am not right a lot anymore:) As I recall, a shotgun has to have an 18" barrel and an overall length of 26" minimum. Otherwise it is a NFA item.
  10. I had to "custom" fit mine to my M4, not a big deal, but man I hate filing/grinding on a brand new part. Works great now.
  11. New M4 Owner, how hard is it to replace the hammer/trigger? thanks in advance
  12. thomjb

    End of the World

    Do I still have time for dinner?
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