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  1. does anyone know how I can tame the recoil on these guns ? Been shooting hevi-metal number 3's in 3inch and they are deadly on ducks, but the recoil is killing me any help thanks
  2. have found a left handed m1 that dates 2000 has anyone seen any that are dated older trying to find out when they first came out with them. Any leftys on the board ? Thanks
  3. I have a s.b.e that is stamped 2003, yesterday I came across a used one that had writing in italian, I was not able to get the date before it was sold. Does anyone know what year they started making them in left handed ? Thanks
  4. does anyone know how to take one of these out ? looking to clean mine p.s please post picks if you can thanks
  5. buy it .......................
  6. still looking please and thanks
  7. nice bird P.S I wish I could get down south for one of those
  8. how do i find out the bore on my benelli m1 ?
  9. what chokes do they come with ? are they the older style mobil chokes or the new crio chokes ? thanks
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