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SuperNova Newbie With Some Concerns


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I have some concerns about my new supernova, when I remove my barrel, I dont have to bring the action / forearm down at all, the forearm can be all the way up, and action closed, i just remove the screw cap and the barrel just 'pop's right off as if it was on spring, also there is some play the forearm, when its up and action is closed, it wants to push/spring down the forearm a half a centimeter or so, which results in a small gap in-between the bolt and its housing, is any of this normal? I have shot only 3 rounds so far, with no noticeable problems

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Hello gdiazdetuesta, thanks for the quick reply, do you have any thoughts on my second concern, with the forearm wanted to spring back slightly as soon as I close it and remove my hand, it will spring back ever so slightly, even if i point the gun downward, which then results in a very fine gap in the bolt and its housing, is this normal ?

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