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SBE II question


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Just registered today although I have been a regular visitor the past one year.....


Made a SBE II purchase yesterday. Not sure how else to describe this better.....with the SBE II (a synthetic in my case) fully assembled, is it normal for the shotgun barrel/forend (unit) to slightly wiggle sideways?


I find that despite perfect assembly/fit there is some play i.e. if you grab the forend/bbl and attempt to, let's say, twist either left or right. I would have thought that everything would be tight once the firearm has been properly assembled :confused:


Inspected a couple of different M2 Field earlier but don't recall this unwarranted "movement."


Heck, even my Baikal MP-153 is tight with all components fully assembled smile.gif


Your input would be much appreciated. Thanks,


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