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I picked up my first Benelli yesterday. Quite a feat as it was not available in Canada yet, so I went to the US to purchase it.

I took it to the range last nightand had a few disappointments. First I could not change the chokes as the supplied choke wrench did not fit the full choke tube, Secondly I found I had the stiff saftey that I now realize plagues most SBE II's.

I am a bit saddened as for the price, the quality control could be a lot better. My remmington's and citori , especially the citori were perfect from the box. The citori I have often praised as a machinist's pride.

I have had many an opportunity to fire SBE's and found them well made with good attention to detail and this set of problems is surprising. I will be looking for fixes from Benelli but I would like to find out who dropped the ball here. My gunshop had no idea about the problem and it seem's fromthis board that it has been known about for a while. So how come my gun even made it out of the store with out this being fixed before?



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It is disappointing that Benelli let this gun out like that, but they will fix the problems. They sent me the right choke wrench that should have come with the gun. It's the wrench that came with the original SBE, they should have remade the wrench as the thread reamer will not work on the extended threads but it will change the chokes. Benelli will fix the safety if you e-mail them they have an adrees to send the trigger group to and the fix is a good one. They took about 4 days to get mine back to me.

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I am currently waiting for my new left hand sbe II to arrive at the gun shop. Evidently these guns are on back order for sixty days. I have had an sbe for three years and am anxious to shoot the new gun. I am however worried about all the little problems with quality control at the company. I hope this alleged "back order" is for them to fix all the complaints that have been reported.

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