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forward side-mounted sling for Super Nova


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I got a Benelli Super Nova a couple months ago and have really enjoyed it. One thing that has annoyed me, however, is trying to mount a forward sling. The problem is that I want to mount a light and my sling both on the left side. I've got both a Nordic Components +2 tube extension and mag/barrel clamp with picatinny rail. The rail is perfect for mounting my Insight Technologies M3, but there's no room for anything else. I contacted Wilson about a side mounting sling plate like they make for the 870, but no luck. I kept thinking that this should be an easy fix, but I wasn't coming up with anything. Then today I was digging through one of my numerous parts boxes and found a bag of left over picatinny rails from my Vltor CASV handguard. The medium sized one looked like it might just work and so I removed the short rail that came with the Nordic barrel clamp and replaced it with the Vltor rail. The rail lined up perfectly and the supplied screws were even the right thread. The new rail is now long enough for me to mount both my light and a QD sling swivel with enough space in between to still access the light controls with ease. I'm a little concerned about the rail possibly moving since it's only attached with one screw, but it does butt right up against the lower part of the clamp so this may not be an issue (time will tell). I want to replace the MI QD swivel with a narrow one from Daniel Defense, and I think I'll order a 2-point sling from Specter. (I'm currently using a 3-point sling which I prefer on my ARs, but it's a bit cluttered on a pump gun in my opinion.) Anyway, maybe someone's already covered all this, but it was a pretty easy fix so I thought I'd pass it on.




Here's the Nordic barrel/mag tube clamp with the supplied short rail (now mounted on the right side).




The longer Vltor rail mounted on the left side of the Nordic clamp.

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Very cool, but as I already had the parts $0 is a lot cheaper than $179. Thanks for the link though. :o


One more pic...




Top view of M3 and sling attached. It looks pretty crowded, but the QD swivel mount does not come in contact with the extension tube or nut.

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Thanks for the heads up on this. Very inexpensive way to put a light on the barrel. Foolishly I got a new Super Nova weeks ago and added the $179 rail from Sidearmor added an expensive scope, crazy light with a laser, 4 shell carrier and hated my gun. It was so heavy, lop sided and unbalanced. I have been shooting with iron sights on a shot gun for 30 years what was I thinking. I got caught up in the "zombie madness". Ha!! Shipped all the stuff back and got my money refunded so now I'm buying more ammo. Basics are better, lesson learned. Rock on old school gunners. Ha!!

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