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Looking to buy a Benelli Super Sport as a huntin gun...need advice


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I have a 28" Super Sport I bought last year and I love it. I have used it for clays (for which it was designed) as well as using it successfully for pheasant and wild turkey ( I use an Indian Creek turkey choke). It is light, swings awesome, and cycles everything from the cheapest WalMart loads to the best 3" magnum loads you can buy. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again and I highly doubt that I ever get rid of it.:cool:


I don't own an SBE II but one nice thing about the is that you can get it in camo if that's important to you for hunting. I have held one in the store and while I don't think it is lighter than the SS, it's still feels and swings good, to me.

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My first Benelli was a Super Black Eagle 12, I baught a M2 20 and liked it so much I sold the Super Black Eagle. Got envolved shooting Sporting Clays and decided I needed a 12 gauge so I baught a Beretta Urika 2 and made the mistake of shooting a friends SuperSport. Sold the Beretta and baught a SuperSport and love it. I think it is the best shotgun I have owned in my 62 years on this earth (45 years as a shooter)

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