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  1. If the M4 is registered as an SBS, then it's an SBS regardless of whether you put an 18" barrel on it. I checked this out with my class III dealer when I bought mine. I already had an full size version but was just curious. Actually, you can take it off the registry but then you would be hosed if you wanted to put the 14" barrel back on there. You're fine if you want to swap barrels like that.
  2. KB Fab

    Another 10 Shot M4

    Honestly these aluminum parts are so light I can barely tell they are there weight wise.
  3. KB Fab

    Another 10 Shot M4

    I'll let you know Saturday.
  4. Just got a Nordic Comp +1 extension to go with my CarrierComp OEM style brake. 8 rounds of 2 3/4" shells in the tube, 1 ghost, and one in the chamber. Can't even tell it's there. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/883023/nordic-components-magazine-tube-extension-assembly-benelli-nova-super-nova-beretta-xtrema-xtrema-ii-a400-tx4-cz-712-12-gauge-1-round-matte
  5. KB Fab

    new bolt handle

    You should try one of their weighted fore end caps. It really balances out the swing. This one's on my Sport II and I have it on my SS as well.
  6. KB Fab

    new bolt handle

    I have that same handle on my 12 Gauge Super Sport and my 20 gauge Sport II. They are great handles.
  7. Not to steal any thunder from Sharkey but Midway has the Nordic +1 extension for the Super Nova and it also fit's the M4. I have a +2 on my SN and it's a direct fit to the M4. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/883023/nordic-components-magazine-tube-extension-assembly-benelli-nova-super-nova-beretta-xtrema-xtrema-ii-a400-tx4-cz-712-12-gauge-1-round-matte?cm_cat=CheckoutConfirm&cm_pla=ProductDescrip
  8. Actually, all of them will "rotate". Any of the handles with the machined notches will rotate with enough rotational force. The GG&G will actually spin with very little force applied.
  9. Just don't over tweak the snap ring because it's easy to do. Just expand it enough to get it off of the pin.
  10. Or...you could simply make your own. If you reload, or know someone who does, it's about 95% less expensive than buying these things and works just as well. YMMV.
  11. Briley also makes nice charging handles for a number of Benelli's. I have them on my Super Sport and Sport II.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Or, he ends up having to cut it off like that one chap did.
  13. I have no love for Mesa products but I hardly see where the issue with the side saddle is anyone's fault but the end user. If you can't distinguish the difference between aluminum and steel and aren't paying enough attention when you are installing an item like this then possibly you need the services of a qualified gunsmith. As for the stock issue, there have been many reports of folks not being happy with various things. The rubber grip is a known issue as is the gap around the trigger guard. This is the first I have heard of the butt plate falling off. Personally, I would be doing forum searches before I bought aftermarket items like this. There was great fanfare surrounding the release of this stock and when it was all said and done, I believe that Mesa dropped the ball on a few things. That's just my opinion and is worth what you paid for it. I have OEM C-stocks (legally) on both my M4's and there is a reason why they command black market prices. Even the standard non PG OEM stock is a superior product compared to the Mesa stock IMHO.
  14. KB Fab

    M4 Muzzle break.

    A little late to the party bro. kip's brakes have been out for a while but like everything else have been put on hold for mag tube production. Hopefully when things settle down they will be back in production.
  15. KB Fab

    M4 Porn

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