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WTS M4 - M1014 full length tube DMW LNIB


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1. I have a Dave's Metal Works Chromoly full length tube for a M4 up for grabs. Like new and works great. $50.00 Shipped priority mail. I have looked the tube over and since the paint is not perfect where the gas tubes vent and there is some carbon build up I'll let it go $50.00 shipped priority. The the tube is in perfect working order and all visible places on the tube look as it did from Dave's keeping in mind of the normal wear from disassembly and reassembly. Sold to Thom...


2. Also have the factory dummy tube extension and limiter for $25.00 shipped. Still available


Postal MO or 3% for PayPal.:D


Looking for a spare tube nut also, will trade...

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Looking for a spare barrel / tube nut also


Hey El Presidente!


Numrich has mag tube caps




Actually, they have barrels too if you have $937 you want to throw down.




Viva El Presidente Flascot!


El Hookestro.......:)

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Thanks Hoockster, I saw their stuff, but I have a fella here who has the nut and I'm working a deal now... if I had to buy a barrel for that, I would just buy the gun :eek:. I almost bought another at the show last weekend for $1000.00, but I really had other plans for the money. Plus it was the camo and I really am not into that color scheme.



Your Supreme leader!!! :D

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