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Nova vs Super Nova


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I am planning to purchase my first shotgun in the next week or so. I am thinking about the Benelli Nova or Super Nova. But I can't figure out the difference between the two (besides price). I'll be using it primarily for turkey, duck, and dove, but will take it on deer and hog hunts (definitely for defense, but maybe for hunting). So, what's the difference.

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Guest Hogrider09

Go for the Supernova. I just purchased teh Supernova last weekend with ghost ssights and pistol grip. The Supernova can be switched from PG to Comforttech.

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The supernova has the comfortech stock, larger trigger guard, and I think the stock can be removed. It is just an upgraded nova. However, the Nova is just as reliable and performance wise there isn't any difference. The supernova will have less recoil bc of the stock.


I have had a Nova since the first year they came out. It was my primary duck, turkey, and dove gun for the last decade (or however old they are) it has thousands of rounds through it and has never had one single problem. The only issue was a gumped up firing pin bc I hadn't cleaned it in several years! I just retired k it to my backup gun bci bought a Vinci. However, it will probably still be my turkey gun bc its camo and I have chokes for it.


,Anyway these pumps are unbeatable. There is nothing on the market better in my opinion. The supernova had some cool options and that's what I would get but the Nova would save you some jack and give you the same performance. Either way...enjoy and I hope you get as much use out of yours as I did.

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