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Benelli m4 and Dixie Brennekke slugs? Benelli vs rifle for grizzly bear defense?


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Ok guys I need some help with slugs. Im not a rifle or a hunting guy; rather, I am more of a tactical shooter. I travel and hike alot in places known for dangerous animals such as polar and grizzly bears. I hope to get over to africa and europe and need a quick, fast to shoot weapon that will drop anything that walks.



I have a benelli M4 auto and a Mossberg 590 currently. I want the best, deepest penetrating slug I can possibly get. I have narrowed it down to the Dixie terminator and brennekeusa terminator. Is the Terminator smooth bore safe?


I am NOT recoil sensitive and am willing to take a beating from the gun to drop a charging grizzly.


I dont shoot my shotguns much but want to know I have it loaded at home to drop anything that gets near my barn. I will keep my two shotguns and possibly add a rifle if it performs better.


I am considering a Marlin 45.70 for my bear/ dangerous animal protection weapon. Will it penetrate better than the 12 gauge? What similar gun is as fast handeling as a 45.70 lever action and possibly more powerful. Will either do better against a charging dangerous animal within 100 yards? I was thinking a shotgun will hit harder but I dont know if a rifle will penetrate more. Bolt actions are out since they are too slow for close range.


I dont use a shotgun for home defense because there was a group that bought used police vests off ebay and were breaking in dressed like a swat team and robbing people. I have since switched to an AR15. I would be interested in a slug that can penetrate the front and back pannel of a IIIA vest. My house has a hallway that they would have to enter to come to the second floor. It has a door that I lock at night at the bottom. Will any slugs on the market penetrate armor to serve as my hallway clearer? I live pretty far from any police and at best I will have one car that will come to help. I pretty much need to be able to hold my house down to protect my familly without help as well as patch up medical trauma until help can arrive.


I plan on buying a Saiga 12 with an 8 inch barrel. I want to make sure that super heavy slugs and 3 inch magnum 15 pellet 00 buck wont beat it up or my Benelli m4.

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I had Marlin .45-70 M1895G CoPilot (modified by Wild West Guns in Alaska) for a few years that was very handy to pack and carry when assembled. Available in original .45-70 and some custom calibers as well. This rifle is a well known bear killer in Alaska.


A whole lot handier then the Benelli M4 too!


.45-70 has some expensive, specialty ammunition available for it. Vastly different point of impact so the rifle needs to be zeroed for whatever you will be using and a good supply of ammo maintained.


-- Chuck

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Get a high powered rifle/handgun or stay inside. I'd get the .460 S&W and carry it strapped across my chest if I were going into big bear country...














... that is- if I wasn't going to bring a .375 H&H rifle with me ;)


I think in a life or death encounter with a big critter, it is best to bring enough gun.

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