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Comfort vs. Non Comfort SBE II


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I bought a Franchi I-12 and had a number of issues with jams and miss fires. I decided that I would upgrade to the Superblack Eagle II with 28" barrell in the black finish.


The big question I have is I pay the $1090 for the non-comfort fit or pay $1300 for the comfort fit? I am hunting duck and trap shoot.



*Here is the catch the wife only wants me to have one gun in the house so I guess I need to make it count.

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Get the ComforTech ... big mistake if you don't. You can shoot regular shells forever with little consequence to your shoulder and the big stuff ... while still "noticeable" is a lot less bone jarring than without the engineered stock. A couple hundred bucks over the life of the gun is chump change.


NOW ... about the wife who dictates firearms policy ... LOL

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