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Nova Tactical rail mount for using EOTech


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Took my Nova pump tactical to a gunsmith out in Connecticut a few months ago. Drilled and tapped a picatinny rail in front of the rear ghost ring, and used some locktite to secure everything permanently, after drilling down into the metal reinforcement inserts that are underneath all that plastic in the receiver. everything feels incredibly solid and ive been putting it through **** shooting boxes of slugs each week this month. Here are some photos of the Nova with my EOTech 512 mounted on the rail, a UTG shotgun barrel rail clamp, and a Specter Gear buttstock shell holder. went a little overboard on the attachments but for the sake of some photos, why not!





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That looks nice. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you get charged for that? What kind of bolt pattern did you go with? Ideally, if I went this route, I would have purchased one of carriercomp's rails and had it drilled for that. Would have opened you us to all the M4 railed possibilities.

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$80 for the work done and the cost of the new rail, which the gunsmith supplied. I'm not too sure who makes the rail, however it has 4 bolts, the front 2 bolts are grouped an inch away from the front end of the rail and the back group of 2 is about half an inch from the back end.

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