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Super Vinci - damn you to **** Benelli! LOL


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Ugh.....like many Vinci owners im a bit irritated after the release of this. Dont get me wrong, I love my gun, but i mulled over Vinci vs SBEII for months and felt the vinci was more comfortable. Still no accessories for it after waiting for months (unlike in Italy where you can get different colors/cheeck comb/pistol grip), was told by CS that accessories were on tap (and never materialized) and now this - errrrggg !! I guess i shoulda seen that coming though...its all about marketing. Benelli got my $1400 and because im erked might get $1700 for the new one :-), crap.


Its kinda like when Chevy had the extended cab truck in the early late 80s with the "3rd" door..then a couple of years later i guess some designer said "oh wait why dont we have an extended cab with 4 doors". Marketing ploy, then the 3 door models were worth nothing on trade or private sell.


Maybe i can get rid of my Vinci for an year or two old SBE II slug pistol grip version in Adv. Timber....oh wait, prolly not...those SBEII owners are probably happy with thier gun/access. If i wasnt bald i woulda ripped my hair out lol....oh well there is my rant, i feel better now..sorta.

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I feel your pain. I also, am the proud owner of a 3'' Vinci..I have a couple of 3.5'' Benellis so the pain is not as deep as yours. Benelli missed the boat on this one. I suspect that there are more that a few people who feel the same way. I have news for them. I will not be buying the new one, and might have to sell the one I have, out of spite..Mike

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I mean obviously they had this in the works from the beginning. The under-produced the first one and were back-logged with people trying to get one, now there are an overabundance and stores are trying to get rid of them. They never did produce accessories - which makes me wonder will this Super Vinci fall in line with how the first one was handled? Under-produced at first, no accessories, etc. Guess im hot cause i almost didnt get the vinci and chose the SBEII ..kinda wishing i got the SBEII or waited til now to get the super v.

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I shoot 2 boxes of 3" tru my Vinci first.

After that it shot 2 3/4 with out a miss.


My hunting buddy shoot's a SBE II and he was a faster shot then me until I got my Vinci.;)


As for reliability they are both good guns and a matter of tast for the 1 you like better.

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