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  1. I been looking for one too.
  2. Just order me a few boxes of #5 yesterday so I can pattern them.
  3. Wash them. Armor-all. Hung them Never Fold them.
  4. If you must have wood the SBE II is a good gun. I my self have a Vinci and it's the best gun in my opinion. Nova is the cheapest but like said before it is a pump.
  5. Shot more woodies , teal and divers this seasons then seen mallards.
  6. Was not a good season here. We now have a lot of ducks around here that the season been closed for 3 weeks.
  7. I shoot 3" thats all you need. I have the 3" Vinci and if I was to buy a new one I would get the Super Vinci with the new triger guard.
  8. DDragon

    Vinci Safety

    Have a 3" Vinci and two times the safety stuck on it. Once on and one time in off. both time's it was frozen solid but when i got home it was ok. Anyone have this happen to them.
  9. I shoot Hevi-Metal 3" #3 and #4 all season.
  10. Shot more geenwings in regular season then teal season.
  11. Factory Improved with Hevi-Metal #3's in my Vinci.
  12. Hevi-Shot and Hevi-Metal should work fine with the factory chokes Ic. or Mod will do, but I would still pattern your gun no mader who's sell you pick to make sure. Hevi-Metal #3 or #2 Hevi-Shot #2 or #4
  13. DDragon


    I like the 6 pack duck bags they are easyer to handle then the 12 pack bags. I have 4 pack bags for my geese.
  14. Thank you for lets us know what is going on.
  15. Had a great time up their
  16. I could not get black cloud to pattern at all in my gun's I was told you need to get a choke tube that is for black cloud. But when you spend $1000 on a gun with chokes why spend more money. I use Hevi-Metal or Kent's.
  17. That makes to of us square shot can keep any sort of downrange velocity.
  18. My buddys and I all have Bennelli's 1 Vinci, 1 SBEII and 1 SuperNova and we all use the crio chokes. Pattern the gun with differn shell (we like Hevi-Metal) and see what one works for you before you spend money on chokes.
  19. Waders are warmer an keep you dryer in deeper water. A gun and shells that you have pattern with your gun. Coffee and snacks are a must have. A few decoys and calls then your set for the most part. A cannoes or small boat a warm jacket and gloves. If you just doing small pounds or a big lake you add what you need or want to.
  20. My old dog don't like pups and is to old to hunt so i will wait to get my next one.
  21. Well he's not my dog but I've bean working with him since he was a pup he's my buddys and we are a team.
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