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Parade rest Benellis-----pic


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129518.jpg hey birddog,heres a range shot of 3 weeks ago,they are all tuckered out from being shot up,the coach gun performed very well,still stiff to open and I converted the saftey to manual.Thinking about traden her in for the new coachgun supreme,what do you think about that? Peace birddog---------M1014 smile.gif :cool: ;)
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birddog,whats a taffy? :confused: sounds like a candy or a cracker,some sort of munchie :confused: :confused: .you're getting warmer on the coachgun gig,what ya think of my campfire defense pic? PEACE mY Benelli brother-----M1014 :cool:


[ 05-28-2004, 07:53 PM: Message edited by: M1014 ]

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Here's the new member of the family ... sorta a red headed step-child but when you feel you can't walk out of the store w/o taking something home this was most rational ... picked 'er up for $275 w/ BSA 30mm red dot, mount, soft case and 4 boxes of light loads ... I LOVE AMERICA!!


had all 4 in my hands tonight ... M1014 LE, Practical, M-4, and tactical ... I noticed one thing those ghost ring sights aint worth a ****!! ... might as well hot glue a dime on edge at the end of the barrel!! any more **** in my line of sight I woulda seen a Kennedy in real life!! ... :D :cool:


Camping scenario is awesome ... as for the taffy .... don't get 'er stuck in your zipper ;)


have a good one ...gotta go chase skirts :cool:

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