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Should I sell my Supernova Tactical?

John P.

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I have two unfired (at least by me--the factory tests them) Benellis:


Supernova Tactical:


  1. Ghost rings
  2. Pistol grip stock
  3. Tac Star extension
  4. EGW picatinny rail




  1. Urbino stock
  2. Carriercomp tube
  3. Sidearmor full rail v.2 coming any day
  4. Streamlight TLR1s
  5. Larue Iron Dot Burris Fastfire
  6. Will buy an Aimpoint T1 soon

These are the only two shotguns that I have right now.


I suppose I don't need the Supernova, as I'm not really into hoarding anything, including guns.


What should I expect $-wise if I were to sell the Supernova Tactical? Too little, and I can't imagine it being worth parting with it.


Indecisive here--guidance?

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You'd probably be lucky to get $480 for the supernova. Even fully dressed. Pawn shop will probably give you $400 and turn it around for $480.


my 2c


I own a supernova tactical btw...


my advice is keep it

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forgot final advice
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