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  1. I don’t really care, but I hope the price gouger comment wasn’t directed at me. The thing is like new and 20% less than what I paid new and includes shipping. You can’t even buy this new anymore. Jeez.
  2. Scalarworks BOR110 I finally got around to removing this from my m4. It never had an optic mounted to it, and is like new (I haven’t shot the Benelli since it was mounted). I know some people prefer this one, and since I never bought an RMR I don’t need it. For Sale $100 (net to me) shipped. I don’t think this one came with its own screws (instead reusing the factory ones), but if someone corrects me I’ll include them, too.
  3. I have one that is on my M4 but has never had an optic mounted to it. Happy to remove and sell if you want it.
  4. Awesome, thanks! I have to say, your customer service is always top notch.
  5. I have the first Scalarworks RMR picatinny mount on my Benelli M4, but never actually bought the RMR for it. I also have an Aimpoint H1 on my BCM AR sitting on a Scalarworks LDM. Was thinking of buying a T2 for the AR and getting a Sync for my Benelli M4 and putting the Aimpoint H1 on it. For those who have both, is the centered dot height identical on the T1/H1 and the T2?
  6. Check the tactical product page ...
  7. Thanks for the pictures. Nice to have another co-witnessable option, and the micros are great. I still have a Scalarworks just waiting for an RMR ...
  8. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Might be down for sending mine in if the results are good.
  9. New (June 30, 2016) Guns & Ammo article and video on the M1014: http://www.gunsandammo.com/military-law-enforcement/military-peculiars-the-benelli-m1014/ Worth a visit. Enjoy. John
  10. The Glock situation explains why they've gone up in price everywhere, too. If anyone has a line on cheap new RM06s, please PM me! I have my Scalarworks mount on the gun all alone.
  11. Thanks, but no. A solution looking for a problem.
  12. Re: "The noveske plate 'doesn't work' on the c stock because you can't fully collapse the stock with it. When collapsed, the recoil spring tube extends into the oem pad slightly and the noveske plate prevents this from happening. If you don't mind not being able to fully collapse the stock, it will work.". Seems it'd still collapse a little bit though, right? Still seems like the gun would still be considered an assault weapon in CA. Agree?
  13. There are posts that describe the process, but it involves saws, drills, wood, epoxy, etc. How about a Mesa Tactical Urbino? Benelli would make a bundle on reduced LOP stocks.
  14. Sale! $55 shipped CONUS.
  15. I have an extra Carriercomp rail for the m4 that has never been used/mounted if anyone needs one. $65 shipped (what I paid with shipping) via PayPal. Thanks, John
  16. I have an extra Carriercomp rail that has never been used/mounted if anyone needs one. $70 shipped (what I paid plus shipping to you) via PayPal. Thanks, John
  17. Seems like a great platform for an optic, though knowing how soft the receiver aluminum is, not sure I'd want anything on the rail other than an optic:
  18. Kinda reminds me of when I had a Sidearmor, LOL.
  19. John P.

    Vinci Tactical

    Too bad they didn't braze the barrel and mag clamp as with the M4. Seems so much more robust that a screw-on clamp.
  20. John P.

    Vinci Tactical

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