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  1. No, I looked everywhere before it was restocked late last year. Call the manufacturer--they responded to an email I had sent after several weeks, and said phone was the best method.
  2. Never had a problem with my Daniel Defense m4, but that doesn't really mean much. We have no idea what the history of that particular weapon is. All we know is the operator seems very confused.
  3. Maybe 5+1 with a ghost load? One reason I wouldn't get this one is the dearth of aftermarket support. And we think the Benelli m4 is tough to modify ....
  4. And you're actually lucky to have a choke. Many lesser "tactical" shotguns don't have the option.
  5. Thanks guys. It's the TLR1s and factory snap ring.
  6. A few pictures with everything put back together: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1162[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1163[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1164[/ATTACH] One of the great things about the offset of this light is that the barrel doesn't create shadows anywhere close to the sight picture. Also, using a Streamlight is awesome because of the easy index finger instant on/off: Happy as I could be with a light mount right about now.
  7. The mount arrived today, and I love it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1157[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1158[/ATTACH] Installation was easy. The pliers that you see were bought at Harbor Freight for a few $s a while back, and work well enough: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1159[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1160[/ATTACH] There is absolutely, positively no movement or rattle AT ALL. The stock part rattles, and again, this does not. See how tight the tolerance is where the mount meets the barrel? Snug, snug, snug. And there is no movement front-to-back, either, as this part is ever so slightly thicker than the stock sling mount (on the bottom of the pic): [ATTACH=CONFIG]1161[/ATTACH] More below ...
  8. No offense, but I'm not really a fan of the aesthetics of that product, and having to fix something that should fit when you open the box doesn't entice me to buy.
  9. Sure thing; I've been checking daily. Now if Kip could get his rails back in stock, I'd be really happy.
  10. So far I've bought and later sold a KZ Quad Rail and Sidearmor Mod 2. The KZ was heavy and had poor ergonomics (someone here once stated it's like holding a Pringles can, LOL, and I agree), and the Sidearmor Mod 2 was also pretty heavy. All I really wanted was a solid, non-barrel-clamp mount for a Streamlight to leave on for HD use. I happened upon this on Brownell's website the other week, but it was out of stock until today. Order placed--should be here in a couple days. Expensive for what it is, but we're all used to that. Seems like an interesting idea, and light and unobtrusive, especially when the light's not mounted. From CTG's (manufacturer) site: [ATTACH=CONFIG]1149[/ATTACH] On Brownell's.
  11. I had a mod 2 (no channel cutouts), and the ghost rings were obscured almost by half.
  12. Didn't the m4 internals come from a Beretta-branded shotgun? I recall reading that at some point.
  13. Exactly. I'd have the Benelli collapsible on mine if I didn't live in Kalifornia. I'm very happy with my Urbino, though.
  14. "Comes standard with the Picadilly rail ... that's what I'm talkin' about--Hoorah!"
  15. Feels much more natural to shoulder for me.
  16. John P.

    A American M-4

    I'll be damned ....
  17. Sorry, it's been so long I don't recall.
  18. John P.


    Love Kip's work. I wish Benelli was so detail-orientated.
  19. Sorry, already sold for asking price.
  20. With that collapsible stock, good thing the picture wasn't taken in California.
  21. John P.

    Cool M4

    I love the sound those things make.
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