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  1. So, does the coating add material to the pistons? Does it affect their performance?
  2. Tlon

    Frog Lube products

    Interesting. I've had good luck with Froglube, but I've just started storing my firearms in a safe that's in a less than climate controlled environment (with a goldenrod and two ever-dry units) and have been wondering how FL would protect things. I've seen a number of rust tests on FL. Here's the latest I've come across: http://www.boomershooter.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11116-gun-oil-corrosion-test/ Obviously doesn't trump your own experience but I definitely find the lube and cleaning properties to be great.
  3. Tlon

    Frog Lube products

    I've used it for about a year on my Sig P226 and it's been great. I also used it on my M4, which I've only fired about 50 shells through. It worked flawlessly. I'm a little concerned about the corrosion issue since my safe is in a relatively humid place (and seems to more humid inside than outside, even with a rod and drying agents). Not sure how it will work.
  4. Good to know. Glad I didn't go with it.
  5. I was considering this one before getting a slightly larger fireproof safe: http://www.deansafe.com/sentry-safe-home-defense-center.html It gets good reviews and seems like a good design. The second video on the bottom shows how to get 2-3 guns in there:
  6. Not sure about the price, but ATI items can usually be bought with a pretty hefty discount. For what it's worth, I had a Mossberg with an ATI scorpion grip and buttstock that worked well. During a combat shotgun class in which we shot about 100 full power slugs, I thought it was pretty comfortable. No bruising, no pain. Someone else in the class had a M4 with the factory collapsible stock and he was in pain by the end of the class and told me his shoulder pocket was black and blue the next day. Might be an option for those who want some recoil absorption, and it sounds like the stock will
  7. The NRA Press conference yesterday pretty much did that. If anyone was on the fence, they fell off. I almost wanted to turn my guns in after listening to that. Talk about tone deaf and impossibly out of touch with everything that is going on right now. The only hope, I think, is that gun legislation is written quickly and there is a push to rush it through. My guess is that enough people in the House will resist a quick rush to a solution.
  8. I sent them an email yesterday. I spoke with Mitch a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned this was coming, so I'm very excited to see the new grip. Definitely major kudos to Mitch and Mesa for doing this.
  9. Tlon

    Newbie M4 questions

    Benelliwerks, The scraper and guide rod ideas are exactly what I was looking for. thanks!!! I actually have a few black flat polymer scrapers (for marketing purposes :-) ), so I'll try that next time. The guide rod looks like it'd be perfect for the spring. I'd just been squishing it down one coil at a time. Brilliant! Is there anywhere in particular these can be purchased? I'd also be interested in purchasing your anatomy manual, if it's still available. How do I do that. I have the Marine Corps manual and have read it, but it didn't help with the questions I'
  10. Tlon

    Newbie M4 questions

    Thanks, Steve. Much appreciated.
  11. As I mentioned in another forum post, I'm new to the Benelli world, and frankly new to the semi-auto shotgun world. I have a M4, which I have not yet shot, but I've field stripped, cleaned, lubed, and put back to together. I just wanted to confirm that the pistons are supposed to slide up and down freely? That is, if I turn the gun from up and down from end to end the pistons will slide up and down and rattle a bit. I'm assuming this is normal, but I just wanted to check before I took it out to shoot. Also just curious if there is a trick/easy way to get the bolt arm to line up with t
  12. Thanks, Hookster. I wrote to Mesa. It seems like they responded to a number of complaints (grip, loosening, etc.), if not by changing their product (I imagine an expensive proposition), at least with some workarounds. If I could file it down a bit without making it look like I took a cheese grater to it, I think it'd be fine. Definitely like the shorter LOP. It's too bad the factory stock just can't be cut down. If anyone's interested, I can post whatever they respond with, if anything.
  13. Thanks, Paladinjme. I really appreciate the quick transaction!
  14. Thanks, John. Much appreciated. From what I can tell, the Urbino stock grip is smaller. Is that the plastic as well as the rubber? Is there any play or looseness in the rubber when putting the new grip on? Does it line up well or did you have to do any cutting or fitting? Did you glue it on or does it just hold as is? Any chance you might be able to share a photo? Sorry for so many questions. I really appreciate any help. Edit: I was able to locate an old thread in which a few folks said they replaced the stock and gave some basic instructions (just wiggle it off?).
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