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  1. I'd wait a year if that meant I could have a SBS or SBR in CA.
  2. Sad to see this. You're not the first here to report problems with the H20.
  3. They're back up as of today, FYI.
  4. That's what I paid when Benelli had the rebate program in the dark days of the recession. And Casio John, if you are looking to install a light on your M4 while keeping the front of the gun light, I can't say enough good thing about the BLAM 4 mount.
  5. John P.

    M4 vs FNH SLP?

    I've always like the SLP. I really wish it had a barrel guide at the end of its barrel like the M4 does. Maybe it's nonsense, but I have to think that if the gun fell on the ground or was used as a battering implement, the mag tube would bend causing shell capacity or feeding issues. Same goes for the Mossberg 930. Even other Benelli guns. Seems to me that purpose-built, military shotguns have this anatomy and the others are "tacticalized" civilian designs.
  6. Oh, that's certainly not good. Wow. Did you run it really wet? I've not had a FTE yet, and keep 'er really sloppy. By the way, I have some Federal low recoil, but I don't remember if I used any yet. I think all I've shot is "normal" recoil shells.
  7. Here's an interesting account: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/08/danger-room-in-afghanistan-a-close-range-fight-and-a-couple-of-miracles/
  8. John P.

    M4 stocks

    Unless you already have the gun, maybe try ordering direct with that stock?
  9. Nice, Phil! I just ordered a new stock grip and it arrived yesterday. Swapping out the Mesa one, too.
  10. Yes, then it'd be ok. I read somewhere that Benelli will offer it with the pistol grip stock (complete with long LOP).
  11. When I inquired a couple weeks ago about the status of the rails, the answer was that they'd be back from the anodizer maybe by the end of February.
  12. Gawd I wish CA didn't have its head in its a$$. I want a collapsible stock.
  13. I think the internal shape is the same from what I remember. Like a dummy I sold my OEM stock for $25. Now I'm buying the OEM grip for the same price.
  14. I keep asking myself that, too, but since it's about 80F outside and it's Feb. 5 .....
  15. That said, if you're in CA like me, you have to either accept the Urbino for what it is, or modify the long LOP OEM stock. The CA DOJ considers the m4 an assault weapon with the collapsible stock.
  16. One could also send their black m4 to Robar and get it NP3+d for $450, including all internals. Not that I would ...
  17. Ouch. I've long believed they charge a lot for the m4 in order to justify high military purchase contract prices. Glad I bought mine when they were rebating them!
  18. Thanks for the good picture of it. This shows it better than what's been posted so far.
  19. Welcome to the board! More guys should put up good reviews on Brownells. Mine was posted, though they changed my name and state for some reason.
  20. Interesting! Too bad the states can be left to make such things more difficult, for example my lovely state.
  21. I'd have to read the law to be sure, but if "made in the USA" means where the parts were NP3 coated (Robar?) before the gun was fully assembled, they could skirt the laws
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