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  1. Still available. Tomorrow's the last day I can ship for a while.
  2. As long as it's legal there, and you pay the shipping and handling, then that's okay with me.
  3. WTS - Benelli Supernova Tactical Shotgun SOLD For sale is an unfired, in-the-box Benelli Supernova Tactical Pistol Grip Shotgun. It has the factory ghost ring sights. Condition is new/like new. The gun will come with everything in the box as pictured. Also included (will not part-out) are the following: TacStar Magazine Tube Extension (I will include, of course, the factory magazine cap and spring) EGW Picatinny Rail Quake Sling Details on the SNT can be found on the Benelli USA site here. I subsequently bought my Benelli M4 after this gun, and have the desire to "thin the herd" of my firearms. Price is $425. No trades, please. Buyer pays any and all related fees and costs of the transaction. I prefer to meet face-to-face at RifleGear in Fountain Valley, CA or any gun shop of your choice in the City of Orange, CA. I will ship if the buyer arranges the FFL transfer details and costs with a shop local to me. Thanks for looking, John
  4. Sucks. Been there. My ex could buy two M4s, ammo, and 2 Urbinos every month with the amount I "give" her. I feel your pain. The sting will subside.
  5. About one pound. Exact specs are on their site.
  6. For Sale is a Mod 2 Benelli Rail System and 6-Round Shell Holder by Sidearmor. I've had this since late January, and never shot the M4 with it mounted. It's as-received from Sidearmor, which is to say, like new. It does not have the channel cut through the top rail. I've decided to not go the optic/light route on my gun right now, hence the sale. I paid $369.90 plus $22 shipping from Sidearmor. I'm asking $305 shipped to CONUS only. PayPal. Now selling for $290 shipped. More pictures to follow below ...
  7. How awesome it'd had been if you had an Urbino painted to match! Nice job!
  8. I used the heat gun method and used rubber gardening gloves for grip. I held the stock between my legs while I twisted. Still a good deal of work, but not too tough to accomplish.
  9. What ammo were you shooting?
  10. Oh, and this isn't "over there," but interesting nevertheless ... http://www.camplejeuneglobe.com/news/top_stories/article_a3b71456-4a86-11e0-851f-001cc4c002e0.html
  11. Exactly. I've read many accounts of issues with just about every piece of issued small arms over there. The last 10 years has really been quite a real-time focus group.
  12. I was meaning to post this earlier, but I saw a great documentary on HBO the other week: The Battle For Marjah [Afghanistan]. Link: http://www.hbo.com/documentaries/the-battle-for-marjah/index.html One of the Marines always had a Benelli m4 slung over his back. His primary was an M4 carbine. I don't think I saw him actually use the Benelli. It's a great documentary--you should look for it.
  13. John P.

    KZ - Rail

    I found the circumference a little large, but it's definitely well made.
  14. I'm sure Benelli/Beretta needs to charge consumers that much so it can continue charging whatever high price the DOD is probably paying.
  15. Which Trijicon is that? How do you like it so far? Trying to decide on whether to go with an Aimpoint T1 or something different.
  16. You probably already saw my thread; http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25560 8 seemed like even more weight to me than necessary to add.
  17. I don't own a scale, but I'd guess: M4 = 7.8 lbs give or take Kip tube = less than stock Sidearmor rail and shell holder = 1.7 lbs So probably 9 whopping lbs max. Not sure about weight of the factory stock vs. Urbino. This weighs less than an ak47, I believe, and skinny people have been using them for 50 years.
  18. Yeah, it's not like it's m249/SAW heavy or something.
  19. Extremely well made. Seems like a very solid platform. I had the KZ rail before, and chose not to keep it because I didn't need a bottom rail, and the diameter was a little too large for my hand. I understand that lighter is better in many's minds, but if I'm trekking I'd use my VTAC sling. If I was after something really light, I probably wouldn't go for the m4 in the first place.
  20. Did you buy a Benelli m4 because of its light weight?
  21. Mod list in my signature, below. Still haven't pulled the trigger on the Aimpoint T1 yet, though I'm sure that will happen sometime soon. Now if only there were a place near Orange County, CA to shoot the damn thing ....
  22. I just got a padded VTAC. Seems decent to me.
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