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  1. WOW, this thread is getting really charged for no reason. I don't have a dog in this fight but from what I see BigHat is just saying that Kip should not have made a commitment to place a product for sale and excite the herd if he could not deliver. If anyone else did this it would be the kiss of death. I have seen many of you bash companies like Botach for taking a week or two to deliver a purchased item. Don't get me wrong I think Kips products are top shelf and yes, he is a great guy. But posting that his product would be out in a week on 5-23-2012 and then not posting an update is not good
  2. I am going to have to side with M4 on this one. The 22L is one of the most under rated weapons. They have been used in war many times. If you and your crew were plundering and one of them gets shot in the head and dies in front of you, you are going to think twice about taking another step. The Ruger 77/22 that he is shooting is a top of the line weapon. I am willing to bet he can place tight groups at 50-100 yards. I know I can with mine and I don't know anyone who wants to fight after taking a 22L in the eye, face, neck, or head. At 100 yards a 22L can take anyone out of a fight. You could b
  3. Prices will shoot up with the first ones to come in and then the price will drop as more and more orders are filled. This is the way it always happens. When everyone and their mothers have them, the prices drop. Dealers will be selling them for $2400 or less.
  4. I have heard this before. I can only say that I personally have ordered several items from Botach in the last year and not had one problem. One item took about 8 days to arrive but that is really my only complaint. But, yes I have heard others have had problems. Then again some here have had problems with good companies. But I appreciate the heads up.
  5. Just thought I would pass this along just in case some of you don't know. Botach.com has the Benelli M4 Urbino stock kits on sale for $250 with free shipping. You get : 8 Round Shell Carrier w/ Top Rail, 6 Round Shell Carrier & Urbino Cheek Piece Raiser, Mesa 91470 Urbino Pistol-Grip Stock w/Riser Limbsaver Butt-Pad,Urbino Foreend (for OD-Green & Coyote Sets Only), Front & Rear Hook-Loop Sling Adapters. Not a bad deal for the price.
  6. I waited over a year. This one is new from the factory. Are you in Houston? SC-Texas, is this Sean I am talking to? Feel free to call if you want more info. Thank. 832-573-0493
  7. No, I never did. I ordered it a long time ago and it just came in. I have another one on form 4 so I really don't need this one. I bought it for my daughter to shoot with me and now she's going to University of Texas in the fall and she said she really doesn't want it any more. If I don't sell it this week I will just Form 4 it and have two I guess. If your interested give me a call.
  8. They actually don't kick as much as you think they do. My 17 year old daughter shoots mine, and shes like 5'-6", 115 lbs.
  9. Waiting is the hardest part. I know exactly how that feels. I personally feel that we will be waiting longer times as we get closer to the end of the year. I saw an article a few days ago on the local news web sight that said many manufactures are not even taking new orders because they can't fill the ones they have. They said something about having a one year backorder on handguns which they use to order and fill in a few days. If I don't sell this in a week of two I will Form 4 it and just dip into my savings for my next suppressed SBR. I really don't want to wait to long to get the paper wo
  10. Asking $2550 for a New-In-Box Benelli M4 14" ENTRY LE SBS (model #11724). This is the hard to find model with the 3 Position Collapsible Stock and Ghost Ring Sights. Why wait on backorders that might take over a year to come in and then wait another 7 months for the transfer and BATF approval. Don’t wait 19 months before you fire the first shot. This SBS is on a Form 3 and ready to ship to your class 3 dealer. If you live in Houston Texas, I will be happy to meet you at Houston Armory for the sale and review of the weapon. They will also do the paper work for you. I do prefer a FTF sale, but I
  11. Did you bother to ask them if they have it in stock? Most places will order you one if you don't mind waiting 6-18 months, if they get one at all. That is why most stores/people are asking $3000-3500 for those they have in stock. But I guess you already knew that. Since the price increase earlier this year the going price is now around $2000+ for a standard pistol grip stock plus shipping. Again you may have to wait 6-18 months for it. But obviously you know a store that is still selling them at 2009 prices. Seeing they quoted you $1600 for one with a collapsible stock. If I were you I would b
  12. The wait time has been 5-6 months for about two years now. As more states allow NFA ownership, it will only get worse. If Texas allows suppressor hunting , they will be swamped. I personally had my TEXAS NFA GUN TRUST done by an attorney. With the way they change all the laws these days, you can't be to careful. If you want an NFA weapon, now is the time. It wouldn't surprise me if they stop allowing new approvals since so many people are getting into prepping and stock piling weapons.
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