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  1. Gents, Looking to purchase a FFT M4 Trigger. FFT is back ordered until late Summer. I need the trigger to facilitate a build project with Stranger Danger. Stay safe.
  2. Mr. VV You need to re-post your request in English to get the response you are looking for.
  3. SOLD Pending Funds to RememberSic
  4. I have a NIB Surefire M80 rail. The rail has not been installed on my M4. My Email is [email protected] Please shoot me a message. Stay safe!
  5. I have what you need. Brand new never been mounted. Email coming your way.
  6. I'll take it. This is one of the items I need for the project I have going with Stranger Danger.
  7. Super 33, I researched the NFA process on the ATF website. I downloaded the applicable handbooks etc. I ordered the applicable ATF NFA forms for no charge. I also called and spoke with a ATF NFA specialist who answered additional questions. There are multiple blogs that speak to the NFA process. I went with the NFA trust to avoid the hassle of having to get LEO approval and finger prints. There are several NFA gun lawyers that will prepare the trust for you, however after doing the research, I decided that I could create the trust without a lawyers assistance.
  8. Super 33 what specific info are you looking for? I downloaded all the info that I needed from the ATF site. I also ordered all the specific forms needed from the ATF. I also gave them a call and spoke with an NFA ATF specialist to address some questions that I had before submitting my Form 1 and NFA trust. If I can help let me know.
  9. Gents!! Well I finally received my BATFE Tax stamp today for my M4 SBS. Sent ATF Form 1 on 09/11/11. ATF received Form 1 on 09/14/11. ATF cashed check on 09/23/11. Form 1 status pending on 09/30/11. Form 1 approved on 03/21/12. Form 1 mailed on 03/22/12. Form 1 received on 03/28/12. I used Quicken Willmaker Premium 2011 to prepare the trust. I tailored the trust language to marry up with specific ATF requirements as it is addressed in the NFA Handbook, i.e., as it applies to the ATF Form 1, ATF Form 5320.20, and ATF Form 5. The other paragraphs of the trust were st
  10. Be advised Brownells, http://www.brownells.com, has the MESA Urbino Tactical Stock on sale for $149.99. reduced from $169.99. Black only, with 3 position Cheek Riser, and Limbsaver Buttpad. The ad indicates it for a limited time only.
  11. Tac Airlift

    14" m4

    "Only the Best Firearms" http://www.onlythebestfirearms.com/m4entry.html (954) 545-1321,is listing a complete M4 Entry/CQB 11724 for $2495.00. They require a $500 deposit. So for $2495.00 + shipping = $25.00 + FFL transfer = $25.00 + Tax stamp = $200 + Pass Port Photo = $8.00 + Certified mail to BATFE = $7.00 + if you go the Gun-Trust process versus individual application = $$$??? Then of course adding all the mandatory modifications = $$$??? So the question is purchase a NIB M4 Entry/CQB 11724, or purchase a NIB M4 14" barrel? Or just be happy with your M4 11707 that is tric
  12. I recently purchased the M80 from http://www.doubleactionsales.com (877)-325-2286. The price was $194.00 w/free shipping. This is the best price I was able to find online. Everybody is charging $230.00
  13. Yes you can download them into pdf format. However I preferred to get hard copy with both sides of the various forms in tact to eliminate any double sided copying. In addition the FBI-258LE Finger Print Card is a heavier weight paper stock I assume to absorb the ink. As everything has to be submitted in duplicate might as well get it from the source. By the way you can order as many forms as you need. No I haven't jumped on a barrel yet. Somebody made the leap on one of HKp2000's listed on Gunbroker.com for $998.00 + $12.00 for shipping. That was a price drop from the initial listing
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