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  1. Ha--did the same years ago, though I didn't have the collapsible. Good luck with the sale.
  2. By the looks of it, they've killed the MR1 (at least for the USA). Only M4s are the black pistol grip and standard stock, non-SBS models.
  3. I have a DD M4v3 lightweight. Nice gun, never a FTF. DD is a good company.
  4. I won one of his giveaways, and I'm the least lucky person here!
  5. Would be cool to have wood furniture for my M4, too. Would make it a little more sporting clay friendly.
  6. John P.

    Benelli MR1

    I really wanted to like them, but ergonomically they seem to be lacking compared to an AR/m4. Mag release, for example.
  7. Remember when they were at $200 a year or two ago? or was it less? If I didn't live in CA ...
  8. ... which is why you'd be okay with a Supernova, since it's a pump.
  9. Love the Marines, but someone please teach them how to reload better.
  10. @ 4:04 ... [video=youtube_share;0UmXQhboI4o]http://youtu.be/0UmXQhboI4o?t=4m4s They're lucky no one got shot during this ... or killed on those bikes.
  11. I had one, and while it was very, very well made, it did add a lot of weight. I'm much lighter and happier with the BLAM mount (I'm just using a Streamlight, no laser), the Carriercomp rail (for if I ever mount an Aimpoint Micro + Larue mount), and a velcro strip on my receiver for an Esstac card of shotgun shells (for when I want them on there). I guess if you plan to hang a lot of crap off of your gun, then the Sidearmor is a nice choice.
  12. I have a simplex-based locking safe/container from a company that is no longer in business (R&D Enterprises). Ft. Knox now makes a similar product, though it's not made from the same thick steel as the old brand. I think these types of locks are really the way to go. No electronic failures. You can set the combination any way you want--multiple buttons at the same time, thousands of combinations. It's super quick and ALWAYS works. Ft. Knox makes a shotgun version:
  13. I've always preferred cabinets and "safes" with simplex locks. No batteries to risk your life on.
  14. Why not just buy the benelli part here?
  15. I think it's ridiculous, too, but that's "normal."
  16. Looks like he might've suspended them due to focusing on mag tubes b/c of the lawmaking fear/hysteria.
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