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  1. Nice and available for my M2, unlike the Briley. I could probably add that and a +1 end cap and get an extra round !
  2. Thanks, what is the M3 compensator ? Can any of the above items you mentioned be bought on line ?
  3. Where can I get or who makes this choke / adapter ? I assume you screw the bottom threads into the barrel and the bigger upper threads can be used for some type of muzzle device ? This would be for a newer M2 Tactical. Also are there any 1 piece choke/ muzzle device for the M2 ?
  4. Waynefi

    Vinci Tactical

    I wonder how many rounds that LE model is pictured ? Also what about adding additional capacity to the civilian model ?
  5. CDM Gear sells a polyurethane pad kit for clamps to eliminate this, I have it on both my Nordic clamps.
  6. From there you can use many flashlight mounts.
  7. That's one of the reasons I like my Mesa Urbino stock, as you can order it with a Limbsaver made for it.
  8. Not anymore, as a Vinci Tactical is here, order a new crystal ball !!!
  9. 2 was my guide, so after adding the Nordic extension, I added the Msa Pistol grip / stock, and the Freedom tactical follower. So, I believe that is Ok.
  10. Waynefi

    Vinci Tactical

    Anybody look at the new Vinci Tactical at the Shot Show ??
  11. I have the Mesa and like it. You can use it with and with out the riser. I keep the riser all the way down for the ghost ring sights on my M2 tactical. I just thought you never know, and figured it made sense to have the riser available if needed.
  12. It seems there are always many answers on this subject, and I am never sure who knows what they are talking about. But I did research specifically with the people building specialty parts for the Benelli M2. The M2 does not have as many parts to worry about as the M4. I put a Nordic extension on my M2 Tactical, and the changed the Benelli Pisiol grip stock to the Mesa and installed a Freedom Fighters tactical follower.
  13. Bad news ! I thought I read somewhere about a new run of these. I guess nothing to consider with the changes, to bad. Certainly worth complaining to Benelli about.
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