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slugs for a rifled barrel SBEII

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Hi Everyone,


I am looking for some advice. I have a rifled barrel for my SBEII. I want to get some sabot slugs for the barrel. Just wondered if anyone had some ammo brands that shot really well through their rifled barrels.

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It took me a while to find the right ammo for my SBE II slug gun. I finally found the right combo in the winchester platinum tip 400 gr sabot slugs. They have a muzzle velocity of about 1700 fps. Now I am told they no longer make this ammo. Just my luck.


Can anyone help me with some alternative slugs that shoot well out of their SBE II?

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my sbe2 loves the hornady SST slugs dead on. although i would like to shoot something with more knock down power. I really love this gun, but i was quite suprised at how poorly alot fo slugs shoot out of it. Alot of them are all over the place with no consistancy. Only issue with the SSTs are they dont seem to leave a huge hole and the deer can sometimes run 100 yards or so (sometimes)

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