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What choke to safely shoot slugs?


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I tatered my barrel today by accident. We were shooting 5-6 boxes of 3.5" 00 buck and I had my under taker tube in, and one of my dumb *** friends threw in a 3.5" slug and wasted my barrel, have to get cut down and re threaded, so I may get a new barrel. Anyway what choke do you need, cause we have close to 15 boxes of slugs to shoot up. Cyclinder?? My friends all say improved cyclinder.

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fishmax2 -


Taken from the Benelli 'FAQ' page:




Q: What choke should I use for slugs?

A: A Cylinder choke is recommended for shooting rifled slugs in a smooth bore barrel. Sabot slugs should be shot through our fully-rifled slug barrels.


I'd have the idiot pay for it bud ... Heck, you'ld probably be better off buying a new gun when you look at the cost of a new barrel.


Good luck

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Your, right, I prolly will get a new one. Anyway, why would you have to shoot a sabot slug throguh slug barrels??? Couldnt you use smoot bore with cyclinder? Oh well they arent saboted anyway.



Anyone know if you shoot a lot of slugs through a smoot bore with cyclinder, if it will eventually damage it?

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With Sabots what your doing is creating 'twist' or spin to the projectile. With-out getting technical - the spin created by the rifling in the 'slug' barrel improves accuracy and keeps the Sabot slug from tumbling. Sort of relate this to a knuckle-ball in baseball. This is why they mold rifling into slugs for smooth bores.


15 boxes of slugs ... i'm thinkin' 5 per box right?? burn 'em up - just make sure to clean her up good afterwards.


have a good one

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