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  1. Jeez no waterfowl pics yet??? Give me a bit to dig a bunch out
  2. favorite duck is my Foiles Strait Street competition, and goose in my foiles meat grinder
  3. Here is some highlight footage from 3 or 4 hunts, so far enjoying the new camera, and as always the nova is pilin em up. Make sure you click watch in high quality. Enjoy
  4. Forgot to put my benelli in the pic but its a nova
  5. I like my marlin model 60 as well.
  6. Benelli is lying to us. My father and I were both going to buy a supersport but we didnt want a shotgun weighing 7.85lbs or 7.95lbs depending on barrel length when our old super 90 montifeltros weigh 7.2. We sent several letters and of course got no reply and then they redo the website and magically the weights of the supersport were reduced to the weight of a tad over 7 instead of 8. Did they just redesign all of there shotguns or something???
  7. I also like winchester hv turkey shells, plus I shoot more buckshot than bird shot so I like to have 18 00 buck pellets instead of 12 or 9.
  8. I'll cycle 3.5's all day and still not buy the reducer. I have never felt the need in my nova, and surely dont want to spend more lol.
  9. threeshot I have sent around 20 emails since joining this board and they are a wide ranging set of questions. I have never got a reply... ever.
  10. typical PISS ****ing POOR customer service, oh wait they dont have that...
  11. I take care of the feral cats here, have had land owners ask me to.
  12. fishmax2


    All I know is they will not answer customer emails.
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