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Problem with Super Black Eagle 2


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I have a super black eagle 2 that recently quit working. The pin is firing and putting a dimple on the primer of the shell but not hard enough to fire. I took the gun completely apart and cleaned it. It worked and fired about 6 shells and then quit working again. The gun is several years old, one of the first years they came out and has alot of rounds fired through it. Before I took it to a gunsmith to look at it I was just wondering if this is a common problem and if it was just some simple fix like puttin a new spring in somewhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Make sure that there is no crud in the hole in the bolt where the firing pin seats.

If you get a buildup under there the pin can be restricted from fully extending when struck by the hammer, thus resulting in light strikes.


Like strikes can also occur if the bolt isn't full rotated when in battery, so make sure that there are no restrictions there as well.

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Earlier i had a Beretta with the problem, it was solved by changing the spring on the firing pin.

I have however since i got my M2 never had any problems


I hope you will get your problem solved, let us know what the solution will be.



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