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My 1st bird of 2011


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Our season started Saturday. I don't think there was a bird within a half of mile of me. Yesterday we had some nasty weather, so I said today is the day. I started making some pot calls calls a few months ago and hit the woods with an arsenal of them this morning. I had several birds answer and move in but not enough to close the deal. After about 20 minutes of nothing, I get up to leave. I cross over into another field and see a gobbler about 400 yards away strutting alone. I called with everything I had and the bird wouldn't budge or gobble. I started walking to my truck and the bird crossed the field going to the spot I had just left. I was uttering several 1 syllalble words at this point. I tried the only call I had left - a mouth call and the bird turned. I got out my decoy and held it above the weeds and then stuck it into the ground. I yelped again and the bird started trotting to me. I shot him at about 20 yards laying flat on my stomach. I am pretty terrible at mouth calling and I told the guys at work that either he was tone deaf or thought the hen was dying and was coming to rescue her . I had sweet visions of posting a kill with one of my calls, but this was not to be today. Talk about things not going as planned. All in all a good hunt.


20#, 10" beard, 1" spurs


Good Luck,




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