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Nova +2 Extender


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Okay folks, I need some minor tech support here. Myself and another LEO from my department picked up Nova riot guns the other day along with the +2 mag tube extender. We both independantly installed our extenders and the next day at work confirmed that the guns would only take 5 2 3/4" shells!


Seemed to me like the provided spring was too long as it was a bear to stuff into the tube and get the extension screwed into place. To test this theory I pulled that spring and dropped the factory spring from the normal tube in. With that spring my Nova will actually hold 7 rounds in the tube! Feed seems fine although I am concerned that the spring pressure is too weak to ensure long term reliability.


Anyone fooled with these extender kits and run into this issue?



The second thing we noted was that the extension seem susceptible to dirt. The end cap has a hole in it and just free floats inside the mag tube with only the spring tension holding it in place. You can depress it readily with finger pressure from the outside end of the tube. Not sure if that makes sense but I don't know how else to describe it. Regardless it doesn't seem all that well designed to use.


Are we missing something here???

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Very intresting,mag extensions are the #1 very first thing I get for my Benellis,the M1 tactical extension came with the longer spring which I think is too much,the reason I say this is because M1014 extension came with no spring and I had to used the stock one which works fine.That hole in the front on the mag cap is gonna be plugged up soon.the extra end cap attachment I just took off and ditched it didn"t do any thing. I can get 7-2-3/4 in both my Benellis,I,m gonna try my stock spring on my M1 like the M1014 to check it out and feel the feeding differenc.thanks M1014 ;) smile.gif


[ 02-04-2004, 07:05 PM: Message edited by: M1014 ]

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Yeah, I did e-mail Benelli yesterday regarding the spring and capacity issue and am waiting ona reply at this point. I was just wondering if anyone else had run into the issue already. Sometimes you get faster forum replies than factory ones smile.gif .




On your extensions, is the end of the tube one piece other than the hole in the center? As I stated I dunno that I'm explaining it correctly but my Nova extension is a a tube open at both ends. Obviously the one end screws to the existing mag tube. The other end though is simply closed off by a metal disk with the center hole that floats freely at the end of the mag spring inside the tube. You can push it in with your finger. There is no solid cap at the end of the tube. Just seems really susceptible to something getting caught.


I'm not sure what you meant by the "extra end cap attachment" though :confused:


I have or have had Remingtons, Winchesters, Mossbergs and even a SPAS-12 and have never seen a mag tube like that before. It does concern me somewhat to be honest and I'm toying with sticking with the factory 4 round tube. Which would kinda suck from both the capacity issue and the fact that I'd be out $55 after having bought the extension :( . I think I'd rather have 4+1 reliably than 6+1 with the possibility for problems. Dunno, hopefully I'm just doing something wrong and it actually fits in there more securely than it seems.

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hey man, the little extra end cap thing is called retaing ring for the three round limiter rod,definitly no need for either of them,got them stashed some where just in case a hunt comes up.not sure how the Nova is set up,wish I had one.my magazine end tube cap has the little hole on it which is the one that retains the spring.Slow down and regroup,theres nothing wrong with your equipment,I was the same way with my stuff,it will fit,get the manual out,match things up,thats why Benelli has the forum for us too unite,which is a cool idea,alot more variety tech from the masses than from one.Peace my Benelli Brother---M1014 smile.gif

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Just double checked my pieces parts. I see the ring you're talking about now. Yeah, I pulled that and the limiter right off the bat.


Okay, I took a couple pics of the front of the mag tube.


Pic 1 shows the tube normally. You can see that the end is not solid, but rather that there is a recessed disk held in by a lip on the end of the mag tube.


Pic #1



Pic 2 shows how you can just easily depress that disk so there's nothing to really prevent something from catching on, or getting caught in the end of the tube. It will depress as far into the tube as you can reach unless inhibited by shells in the mag tube.


Pic #2

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Hmmm, well I guess if thats the way it is on the other Benelli's too then thats just the way they do it. Still seems sorta weird *grumble*, *grumble*....


Anyway, at least in regard to the spring issue, I guess I'll keep the stock spring in there and take advanatge of the 7 round capacity for now. Just need to test it and make sure it feeds consistently. Manually cycling rounds through it seems to indicate it'll work fine and if yours has been working in your 1014 thats a good sign. I would think a semi would be pickier about proper mag tube spring tension than a pump so it oughta be okay.


I'll give it a couple days and see if Benelli ever gets back to me to to clarify further that there's not another intermediate length spring between what came with the extension and the factory spring. Maybe I'll call next week if I don't hear anything by then.

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