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Beretta 1201 FP (M1 Super 90) double feeding?


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Hello, all! I own a Beretta 1201 FP, which I understand is essentially a Benelli M1Super90 with some cosmetic differences. The bolt group and recoil tube assembly are lifted directly from the M1, so I figured that someone here may be able to help with an issue I've been noticing-- I hope so, at least.


After a local IDPA match last Saturday, some of my squad mates and I decided to blow off some steam and shoot some clays. I've never done it before, so I was eager to give it a shot (no pun intended) and broke out the new (to me) 1201 FP. This weapon is a well broken-in police trade in, and it has digested every load I have put through it, only occasionally failing to lock the bolt open on the last round-- which I attribute to me and my hold on the weapon. Incidentally, It has been cleaned thoroughly (including the recoil tube and spring) and relubed sparingly.


Anyway, I noticed something interesting. In the 130 or so rounds I put through the weapon that day--mostly light trap loads--I had several JAMS where the bolt would fail to return fully to battery, stopping three-quaters of an inch or so from full return. Easing the bolt back a smidge, and letting it go, would finish chambering the round. I also noticed on these occasions, that there would be a shell riding on the shell lifter, effectively blocking access to the magazine tube for topping off. This is something I hadn't noticed before. Am I getting a double feed where some event is triggering an extra shell to be sent from the magazine when the bolt is travelling forward? You guys seen this before? Any idea what may be causing it?


My understanding of the action (and having confirmed this with snap caps) is this: when the trigger is pulled, the hammer falls, simultaneously igniting the chambered round and releasing a new shell from the magazine onto the shell lifter. Recoil causes the weapon to cycle the bolt, ejecting the spent shell and raising the shell lifter so that the bolt's forward movement can push it into the chamber. This being the case, how can I possibly have another shell on the lifter? The lifter would not be able to raise at all! If both rounds were coming out of the magazine at the same time, I don't think the weapon could even try to chamber one. I suspect that they'd both be wedged down below, with the second one stuck half-way in the magazine. What could be happening here?


Aside from this weirdness, it sure is fun popping those clays out of the air!


Any help would be greatly appreciated, guys!


Here is a ppic of the weapon in question:



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okay,I'm done thinking,,,First,,,check the magazine tube,,look it over,,worn or binding or both spring,,debri ,,burrs,,condition and type of ammo,,wipe out that tube inside,,get a lite in there,,look at the tube,,bent ,,not screwed in all the way,,,get back with us,,and do tell,,seeya :cool:

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First, that's cool with the Benelli PG stock.


Second it is possible to double feed on 1201FP. When the bolt goes forward loading the round, the lifter will drop. If the little black button (at the end of the lift, in front of the trigger guard) does not catch the lift, then next round will load on to the lift.


Try this with dummy rounds, put one in chamber, and one in tube. Press the little black button, ah next shell loads. Try again, but this time put two dummy round in the tube. Pull the trigger (shell load) slowly pull back the bolt, eject the shell from the chamber, now hold the black button back and let the bolt go. Yeap, you'll have a fresh round on the lift as the bolt closes.


If the black button is worn, it is possible for double feed. It is also possible to have junk stuck behind the button, causing it not extend fully. Take the trigger group out and clean can help.


With that, I still cannot see how the next shell will affect the bolt close completely. You may have other issues.

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Thanks, HomeBUild and M1014.


HomeBuild, I came to the same conclusion myself that the shell lifter may be overextending when the bolt is moving forward, disengagiing the carrier latch, and allowing an extra shell to be released. I have disassembled the fire control group and cleaned thoroughly, so we'll see if that fixes the issue!


Yes, the Benelli Steadygrip stock fits very well. The line on the stock and the bevel on the receiver don't quite match up, but other than that it fits perfectly! smile.gif

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