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look what i picked up yesterday


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here it is if this dang code will effin work hers specs sbe2 comfertech 28'' barrel synthetic stock.

but a question havent got to shoot it yet but is the skeet choke good for skeet.

P.S the only reason i ask is because i bought a specfic skeet for my 1187 and it was crappy so...


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After reading your post for the fourth time, I think I finally understand it...


The skeet choke could work for skeet. How far out are most of the shots you take when you're shooting skeet. That will determine whether the skeet choke is the appropriate one.



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If no one minds, I'll try this one.


CNEW, if you're actually shooting skeet (as opposed to trap) it's by definition a fairly close-range game. As far as "how far on average...", it's almost as much a function of the shells you are using. The only way to tell is to shoot at a patterning board at 20-30-40 yds. and look at the patterns you're getting with those shells. You will then know "how far on average..." Keep in mind that changing the shells you use will often change those patterns drastically.


As a rule the skeet choke is designed for the close range of the game---that's how it got it's name!!


Hope that helps.

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