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Montefeltro Youth Pad?


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Just ordered the Youth Montefeltro for my soon-to-be 10 year old. The 12 1/2" LOP seems a little short. So I was thinking of adding a longer pad [like the Limbsaver]. LS does not have a precision fit listed for this stock. They do for the Beretta 3901, but my guess is they're not the same. Hate to pay this much for a gun and put a slip-on pad on it.


Anybody know the actual dimensions of the pad?



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Limbsaver does have "grind to fit" pads. If you have a good local gunsmith, you can have a "grind to fit" Limbsaver installed or you may wand to ad a 1/4" spacer or two between the stock and the butt pad. Get creative, afterall, it's your son/daughter's first shotgun ,right? If you can't do it I'd bet you know someone who can. :o



Pachmayr Recoil Pad Spacer 1/4"


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I thought of the grind to fit option. LS will actually do it for you, but of course you've got to ship the stock. May be an option.


There used to be alot of good smiths in our area, but I'm having a devil of a time finding one now, unless I want an AR/AK built.


I talked to one guy today who said if I'd bring it to him, he'd have it done in "2 or 3 months" for $70, plus the cost of the pad.


I think I'll just wait til the gun gets here and see what I can find. LS does have a full sizing chart. I was just hoping somebody had one, so that we could get a head start on this issue.

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