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SBE 2 will not fire when I slightly ease the bolt back and then push it forward


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I own a SBE 2 and bought a seperate SBE slug barrel for it. It is super accurate and I love the gun. It did cost me a big buck this year however. When you have a slug in the receiver and you ease the bolt back just to make sure it is loaded something happens in this process. I push the bolt all the way back forword but the gun will only dry fire. Putting a little tiny dent on the primer of the slug. Anyone know why? I showed all of my buddies and no one can figure it out.

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Stop doing that.

The bolt needs to be fully closed (in battery) in order for the gun to function properly.

You should release it from no less than halfway back to insure that it fully rotates and closes.


The condition is commonly known as the "Benelli Click".

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