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I just recently returned fom a 4 day duck and goose hunting trip. I purchased a new M2 several months ago this was the first time i've been able to test it out. Was using Win Supreme # 3's and after the 2nd day my right middle finger was black and blue as well as cut from the protuding edge on the back of thr trigger guard. I also own an older M1 and have never had this problem . Am interested if this has happened to any other M2 owners. I appears to be a serious design flaw----- perhaps like the stiff saftey TKS

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It has been brought up by a few folks, but not many.


A bunch of Cali guys who shoot a bunch of birds stated that they had not noticed any problems with their SBE II's and M2's.


One has 3000 rounds through an M2 and has never noticed any problem with the trigger guard.


But I doubt they are shooting Win Supremes, a notoriously hot (but very good) load.


Maybe try a pad of some type? Fingerless gloves?


mudhen - CA

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I have a SBEII and know your pain when using the Turkey loads.


On top of my right middle finger would get bruised from the sharp recoil causing my hand to impact the back of the trigger guard. I overcame the problem by using a tighter grip so that my right hand has a very firm grasp of the stock when shooting the 3" or 3.5" Turkey loads.


The inside of my middle finger near the webbing of my hand would rub a raw spot from the aggressive checking on the stock (I have the synthetic stock).


Before shooting, I put a band-aid on with the pad in the place were my middle finger will rub raw.


Regards threeshot

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Thanks 3 shot . sounds like the best remedyyet. Ilike the gun but my finger is one bruised sucker. I still don' t know Why they they took a good thing and made it worse on the m2 trigger guard. It is has a style of it's own, not so on the SBE11. Tks again for your suggestion. Bubba1

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