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  1. this is a day of hunting birds shot with my SBE II in 2005 David my dogs Caesar and Calli
  2. I have had my sbe 2 since june and shot who knows how many shells and never had a problem and I have small hands david
  3. i bought my daughters a 20 monte with a 26 inch barrel great gun weighs 5 1/2 lbs and it will chamber a 3 in shell David
  4. djansma

    SBE vs SBEII

    I have a sbe and a sbe 2 and the sbe now stays in the gun cabinet David
  5. like I have said before just wrap a rag around the bolt and pull it off works for me David
  6. djansma


    I to love my benelli's have a sbe and a sbe2 and amonte in a 20gauge sold my s90 to my dad I do not think you can go wrong
  7. I myself am very happy with my sbe2 yes I was one of the first one to have to safety fixed in less than a week and I got a new choke tube wrench. And I kept my old sbe and me sbe 2 does shoot softer than my sbe I have probley shot 3000 rounds through it by now. So I have to say I understand being disapointed if you have had problems but I have not and love the gun and my old sbe is going to get lonely in the gun cabinet David
  8. make sure you gun is firm against your shoulder if not the gun moves back and the bolt can not get full travel as the gun moves but the bolt does not David [ 10-27-2004, 08:54 PM: Message edited by: djansma ]
  9. just wrap a rag around the bolt and twist and pull David
  10. djansma


    I have gone out and shot 300 rounds through my sbe or my sbe2 and my m1 over the years and shot in a t-shirt with no problems one time I swapped with a friends browning gold hunter and on light loads neither of us could tell the difference I will admit the sbe2 is a reduced recoil I have allready put about 2000 round though my sbe2 and just love it David
  11. djansma

    Bennelli pic

    Now here is a picture of some Benelli's David
  12. shot at least another 1000 rounds though it not one missfire love the gun David
  13. it does not matter they will should all the shells just fine as long as at least 1 1/8 oz buy it and enjoy David
  14. # 2 phillips and put some type of oil on the screwdriver so it does not harm the rubber as yo are turning thr screws out silcone spray David
  15. Montefeltro; you must have good eyes and steady hands because you do good work I support you and Benelli for handling this matter and again say you did a great job of cust service You all have my Kudos!!!! ps just for info how many have you done? Again Thank you will continue to support Benelli when my wife says I can !! David Jansma
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