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M3 hypothetical failure question


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I'm thinking of buying an M3 but am worried that if the automatic system fails, it will also fail the pump system. Is there grounds for my worry? If the answer is yes, I'm going to opt for the Supernova.


As you can see, I have no knowledge of the technology.

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If you have a failure on any semi-auto it would be due to poor maintenance (cleaning and lubrication) and/or questionable ammo. Fail to keep a pump shotgun maintained and you can expect the exact same sort of failures as you'd find in a semi-auto. Failure of one's combat shotgun is why one carries a high quality sidearm of sufficient caliber with the appropriate ammo for the task, however to preclude that need keep your shotgun clean and well lubricated as necessary.


If you're ultimately concerned about reliability above all else, get an AK or a FAL (excluding ANYTHING from Century Arms Int'l or Hesse of course).

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I should add that there's NO reason anyone should be without a RELIABLE long arm for personal protection - NONE. A Mosin-Nagant can typically be had for $150 or less. Along with couple of hundred for ammo and you're good to go. Not having enough money to buy a high ticket item like a Benelli is no excuse to be without. Just make sure you do your due diligence and buy a good quality Mosin-Nagant and not a sloppy one.

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