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Morning Guys,


I am new to the world of scatterguns and have recently been improving my skills shooting trap & skeet up in WI. I have my first pheasant hunting trip planned for early October but was looking some advice from more experienced hunters on this forum.


In particular, what type of loads should I be using? Also, other than getting some hunters orange, is there any other gear that is essential for me to get before my first trip?


Thanks in advance for any tips.

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For loads, I use a high base #6 and #5 for pheasant. Federal Premium Prairie Storm works very well, just a bit pricey. If they're really holding tight maybe a first shot of heavy 7-1/2. As for gear, good comfortable boots, brush pants and a quality vest and you should be good to go. Good luck and happy hunting.

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Quailty brush pants, but that's been mentioned. Don't skip on boots. The best you can afford, you'll thank me later. Take water, even if you leave it at you vehicle (but bring it). Be safe and do your self a really big favor by bringing a loud whistle and a quality compass. Learn to mark your compass heading before you start your hunt daily. My $15 compass has saved me countles hours of walking around. A small muti-tool is very useful. I also bring extra shot shells (around 20+). I also carry a handful of hard candy. Don't shoot over other peoples dogs !! I guess the most important thing to remember, it's not the 1860's and you're not trying to feed your family. Have fun. I have met so many people that bring their anger, stress and bad attitudes to the field and woods. And finally, when you cross a deep ditch, fence or small stream, unload your shotgun!! I have a friend that doesn't hunt anything anymore because he has to many #7.5 pellets in his right arm/elbow. My personnal favorite? Pheasants that are flying and seem to be barely moving, are really going extremely fast. It usually takes me a few missed birds to remeber that.

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