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Intro and Vinci oil in case warning...


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Hello, probably should have introduced myself in my previous post (Sorry)...Dave here, from NJ. I used to be an avid hunter, and up until a few years ago(when my stands got stolen) and a new job, I've only been out a few times....Now I finally can get some time off, and plan to spend it in the woods!

Just wanted to give a heads up.... If you store the oil that came with your Vinci in the case, BE CAREFUL!!!....I just bought a Super Vinci and when the dealer opened the case we discovered that the Vinci Oil must have leaked, and was all over the inside of the case!!! The case was totally ruined (the oil had begun to eat through all the plastic)! He tried to wipe it out, but it was useless and beyond repair. He said I'd have to contact Benelli for a replacement! I was getting ready to walk out on the deal, but had just went through all the paperwork, and the NICS check, and it was the only 26" SV within 200 miles of my house... At that point I let him know how disappointed I was, and wondered how long it would take for a replacement. Luckily the gun was on display, and not in the case (lord knows what it would have done to the camo finish after seeing all the bubbling plastic in the case)!!! As luck would have it he was nice enough to give me the case from a 28" Super Vinci that he had on display while he waits for a replacement from Benelli, so I left there a happy camper!

After seeing the ruined case, I would not recommend storing the oil in your case! YMMV...

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