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Overall lenth of M4 with Collapsible stock...?


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Yeah, I have 4 other US made parts to replace in order to install the stock and be 922r compliant.


Even if your barrel length is over 16" Which is SBS/SBR, if the overall lenth of a "long gun" is under 26" then it is still considered SBS/SBR, therefore NFA. I didnt think it shortened the gun that much, but in the case that it would of, then yes it is NFA. SBR/SBS is a no-no in Michigan....

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If I am not mistaken any shotgun with a barrel under 18" with a shoulder stock is considered an SBS. Maybe someone can verify that for me. But you are correct that it still needs to be over 26" in total length. The C-stock doesn't lower the gun below that so you should be safe. I was only adding that if you made the barrel shorter then you would cross over into the NFA realm. I live in Texas so I don't know Michigan laws. But I think you should be able to own anything you want as long as you are a law abiding U.S. citizen. It seems a great shame that states like yours, California, and others don't let you have what other states let their people have.

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