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SBE 2 Short Pad Dealer Stock Availability ?


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I know that this forum has dealt with this topic before and based on information I gained from past posts, I ordered a right handed short pad for my Comfort Tech SBE2 about seven weeks ago. My dealer contacted Benelli today and was told it will be 45 more days.


I'm posting for two reasons:


1. Does anyone know of a dealer that might have an existing stock of Comfort Tech right handed short pads for the SBE 2 ?

(I'm aware of the aluminum custom adapter.) I am looking for a Benelli factory right handed short pad.


2. If any members of this forum are looking to get a short pad for their Comfort Tech guns to be used this Fall and Winter when the heavy clothes come out, the time to order is now !


These pads are not available as direct purchases from Benelli and the free replacements for the earlier, poorly manufactured, loose fitting pads are no longer offered by customer service.

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I got my short pad (14" LOP) from Mann and Sons. I think I lucked out as I was calling on this every 4 weeks, and soon as I was told they were coming in I placed the order and it shipped less than 10 days from placing the order. The thing I have found out is if the part you want is backordered, place on order with a dealer and wait it out. When they come in you should be in line to get the order filled. Their phone number is 618- 357-2911. This shorter pad is going to the ticket with the 4in1 one this season.

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The aluminum kit I'm referring to is from All Sport Tech (734-717-5390) and it is known as their Recoil Pad Replacement Kit for the Benelli SBE2. I ordered one and it was delivered promptly as promised for under $ 20.00. Basically it is a piece of aluminum shaped to fit under the inside edge of the stock and it has two tapped holes with screws that pull the recoil pad snug.

I had to do some minor grinding to get the right fit, but nothing difficult or demanding.


The concept is a good one and I outfitted the plate with a Limbsaver Pad that was pre cut to fit an SBE. I had to change where the holes in the plate were, but again - no real skill involved. The pad fit beautifully.


I would have been happy with this set up if I could have hit anything with the gun after I did it ! I know there's alot to drop at heel and pitch involved, but I shot way low at everything the first time I tried the set up. When I went back to Benelli's slightlty longer factory pad, the shooting problems disappeared. I know there are pitch spacers available from pad manufacturers, but I've decided to pursue the factory short pad route for now as an experiment.


I would recommend the All-Sport Tech plate if you're looking to do some custom recoil pad work. It pretty much gives you a platform on which any recoil products can be mounted.

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Thank you for the link to Numrich Supply. They actually have the short pads in stock ( at a price that is painfully high ), but I ordered one anyway. I should have it in a couple of days.

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