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What is best choke lube for choke threads


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Light synthetic oil or synthetic grease work best for me.


I prefer light synthetic oil if I will be changing them frequently, such as during a round of Sporting Clays or synthetic grease if I will be leaving them in for the hunting season. The oil allows for easy removal during frequent choke changes but will seek its own level over time as any liquid will. The grease will stay put for longer periods of time but offers mild resistance when trying to rapidly spin them out.

My favorite synthetic oil is purchased by the quart at an automotive store and the synthetic grease bought by the pint at the same location.

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I have a habit of tightening my tube before I shoot and loosening it after shooting, never had a stuck tube but I use Hoppe's Choke Tube spray or Hoppe's Gun Grease! I do not like leaving tubes inside warm barrel of any kind! All I do is brake the torque and leave them in the barrel. This habit keeps from getting tubes bent and the method keeps you from leaving a tube loose or tight.

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