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Team Benelli using Tricked out M2, why not M4


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Guest nheviel123

If you want to go with M4 then just go buy it. It doesn't matter if Team Benelli uses M2 anyway your the one who will be using it.


Good luck.

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The M4 was specifically designed for the military as combat shotgun, I would venture that this means the materials used and more importantly their physical specifications are far more robust, to withstand the abuse sure to come in military service.


Also, being designed for the military, it has design functions that are a specific to military use (ease of field stripping for example) which may not be very efficent or usefull for competition shooting.


While both are semi-auto, the M2 is inertia driven and the M4 uses the ARGO system. I cannot comment on the exact differences between the two other than the obvious, but if i were you i would focus my inquires on this primarly and then the after market parts that are available.


Lastly, Considering the intended use and subsequent development of after market parts for the M2 and M4 you will be far more likely to find parts for the former, that will be more germane to competition shooting rather killing bad guys in the field or in your home.

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We use the M2 because it is easy to get parts for them, not that they ever break, and the system is proven. I have been working and modifing M1/M2s since 94 and I very familier with the system, not so much the M4 So in the end the team shooters went with the gun that they understood the best and was easiest to get after market parts for. The team shotguns have been great as would an M4 but I just don't have enough time behind one to use it in high end competition. Kurt Miller

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i would imagine that the ID vs ARGO actions are the big diference in thier decision. High round count competitions would seem, IMHO, to work best in the ID action. Everyone knows that a gas action is going to get dirty and thats something that i personally wouldn't want to have lurking around my mind-grapes while running through stages. 500rds sessions with an m2 and i can pull out an old t-shirt and have it clean. Id imagine the ARGO would take a lil mor indepth cleaning. Just my thoughts though.

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