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M4S90 For Sale


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What is included:


-Benelli M4S90, purchased this year.

-Carriercomp Titanium magazine-tube (Stamped as such, 1 US part) and American Made follower (stamped as such, 1 US part) and custom magazine spring. (NOT INCLUDED are: the OEM magazine-tube/spacer/spring/follower, as I think I chunked them).

-Geissele Hammer (1 US-made part, stamped as such).

-OEM Benelli MOD choke-tube and wrench/manuals/oil/un-completed warranty registration form.



Note stamping "US" on hammer.



What you see ^^^ Is what you get.


The rest of the gun is OEM stock, with the fixed PG solid stock. I have put roughly 100 rounds of assorted buckshot and birdshot and a slug or two through it.


PM me on this site.

Total Price is $1525 shipped CONUS! If your dealer will not accept shipping from an individual, you will cover my FFL's shipping fees at-cost. The $1525 shipped is presuming I ship it myself via UPS with insurance and tracking number.

Payment is to be USPS Money Order. You will need to send me TWO as USPS money-orders only go up to $1,000 in amount, if I recall correctly.




*922R compliance based on the common count of "13" parts for the fixed-stock M4S90 shotgun. This M4S90 only has "10" parts, given the addition of the hammer, magazine body (tube), and follower. All of which are stamped indicating an origin in the United States. About 922R Compliance and the M4S90.

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