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New Super Vinci Problems


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Which types of loads were you using to break it in? There is a minimum you need to follow at 1st as per Benelli's instructions.


It also needs to be shouldered tight on your body - the Inertia system requires it to function properly (in combination to other factors of course).


80% of the time is very high so there is definately something here that's causing it. If you use the proper ammo and shouldered it properly, I'd take it to a gunsmith / store you bought it from for them to look at it from the inside-out.


Good luck with it


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Benelli generally recommends you shoot at least 1 1/8 oz load. This is the minimum needed to get the inertia system to work properly. Try a heavy load and see what happens. 3" in BB should be sufficient. Unload a couple of boxes of that stuff to help with the break in. A lot will shoot below 1 1/8oz after break in and claim to have no issues. Personally, I don't take chances. I buy 1 1/8 + and never have problems. When I hunt, I don't want the embarassment of a FTF or jam using a Benelli. I refuse to give my buddies a chance to tease me about unreliability issues from Benellis. If you have done the above, take it back to the dealer or contact Benelli.


Good Luck.





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