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M2 Tactical Comfortech extension tube


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I'll be ordering a Benelli M2 Tactical Comfortech soon and wish to get a magazine tube extension. I'm looking at Briley, Nordic Components, and Dave's Metal Works. They all have different ways of describing their capacity. Ideally, I would like longest extension while still being within the length of the barrel, i.e. I don't want it sticking beyond the barrel. I would think that would give me a capacity of 7 in the mag + 1 in the chamber. Though the brands have different descriptions they do seem to provide overall length of their extension. So, for the M2 Tactical Comfortech, what is the length from the end of the forearm to the end of the barrel?

What is the capacity of the magazine tube without any extension or what is the capacity of the mag extension that comes stock?


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I'm going with Dave's Metal Works, BEN007 (7+1) tube. The tube works with the factory barrel nut, which I want to use since it has an integrated sling attachment. The other extensions like NC and Briley, while appearing to be of high quality, seem to require their own barrel nut.

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Hopefully, if I did it right, I posted a picture of my Benelli M2 with the aftermarket stuff.

I used the Nordic Components fat Bolt Handle (it's really not that fat)

I'm happy with the Dave's Metal Works BEN007. I ordered directly through them and requested the black end cap. The tube even came with a new spring, cut to length (31") with the ends nicely crimped. Loaded up 7 rounds of low recoil 00 buck in the mag tube... I was worried maybe the last round would be tight, but no.. loaded up easy enough... and 1 in the chamber... Quickly fired off all 8 rounds.. no problems at all. Very satisfied with the setup.

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