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Super Vinci trigger guard issue


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I took my new Super Vinci to the clays range today and it really hurt the top side of my trigger finger upon recoil. I inspected the upper inner edges of my trigger guard and they are not uniform on both sides. one edge is nicely rounded and the other side has a sharp edge. The sharp edge happens to be side that my trigger finger rests against while firing. I assume its a manufacturing defect on my gun. Does anyone else have this issue?

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Weird i thought that the super vinci had perfected the trigger guard from hurting fingers.. im at a loss


I think my problem is different than what others complained about. The position of the pistol grip keeps the top of your trigger finger jammed tightly against the top inner edge of the trigger guard. I shoot right and that edge is sharp. If I shot left my trigger finger would rest against a slightly rounded edge.

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